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This is a website I created and maintain for Brian Ungerer's start-up company. ANM Pavement Sweeping is based in Kokomo, Indiana. The contributions I made to his company are below.

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I worked alongside of Ben Jelen to create version 2 of his Craftec Toolkit. The original Craftec paper is cited below. I contributed in the building of kits and orchestrating of the test run with older adults, those who are 65 years and older. The toolkit was created to account for the needs and preferences of older adults for learning electronics. The boards were created to have labels with arrows pointing which direction information is going (input or output), magnets to allow easy connections, and a light system to follow a guide on where connections need to be made. The older adults were able to connect a light sensor, LED, and RGB LED to the breadboard. My contributions were building the board, testing, and helping in the User Study.
Jelen, B., Freeman, A., Narayanan, M., Sanders, K. M., Clawson, J., & Siek, K. A. (2019, March). Craftec: Engaging Older Adults in Making through a Craft-Based Toolkit System. In Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (pp. 577-587). ACM.

Craftec Version 1 (For Reference)

Craftec Version 2

Craftec Center Lights

Active Building

Individual Pieces Created

Kits Handed Out

Check-In System

Working under Katie Siek, Assistant Professor at IU Bloomington, and Ben Jelen to create a system that could connect two or more toolkits together and allow older adults, those 65 years or older, to utilize a customizable toolkit. My contributions to this include building the toolkit (as mentioned above) and creating code to connect multiple system together via a broker. I have the code I used to create this in my github repository. I also created and modify the database the Check-In System uses.


Fairview Outreach

I joined a class of 15 students at Fairview Primary School where I taught them about circuitry with LEDs, buzzers, and batteries for four weeks. I was able to get them excited and also teach them at the same time. They learned many different ways of creating circuits, such as using a button. We also brought in conductive playdough for the students to better experiment and manipulate the circuits.

Paper Circuits

Buzzers Pic 1: Decorating

Buzzers Pic 2

Buzzers Pic 3