Data Scientist in the making!

I want to use my work to better the future and those lives around me. I enjoy learning new things and I am currently under the guidance of Katie Siek, Assistant Professor at Indiana University Bloomington, and Paul Talaga, Assistant Professor at University of Indianapolis.

I currently work with Katie Siek and Ben Jelen at Indiana University for research on toolkits and customizable technology for older adults (65 years and older). I will continue this research for the rest of this summer (2019).

I am skilled specifically in coding and data analytics, however I am knowledgeable in other areas as well such as working with and building databases, toolkit building, and website building.

My professional interests lie in research and I am currently looking for any opportunities in research with chronic illness. If you want more information, my resume can be found below my photo!

Recent Work

Business Website

Pro bono Website I created for ANM Pavement Company in Kokomo, IN for Brian Ungerer.

Craftec Version 2

Assisted Ben Jelen, Graduate Student at IU Bloominton in creating the second version of an interchangable toolkit system built to support older adults learning and using IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

Check-In Tree

Currently working under Katie Siek, Assistant Professor at IU Bloomington, and Ben Jelen to create a system that utilizes the Craftec toolkit system to allow communication between systems to reduce social isolation of older adults with customizable technology

Fairview Primary School Outreach

Spent 4 weeks working with second graders and teaching them how circuits work and all the different things they can do. (More pictures are shown in portfolio.

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